The annual fees for the next academic year will be £2150. Fees increase at a rate of £50 per academic year.

Eternal Light in an independent school and therefore does not receive financial support from any local or national agencies and organisations. This means the school fees play a major part in ensuring the school is able to sustain itself and provide the best facilities for your child.

We therefore require all parents to ensure fees payments are made on time via monthly or weekly bank transfers. Payments not made on time can lead to many hours wasted by the admin team in chasing up late fees.



  1. Cash paid in full in September (we no longer accept cheques).

All fee payments which are sent to the school should be handed into the office in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and year group written clearly on the front. This will help avoid any administrative complications which can lead to delays in updating your outstanding balance.

Parents are strongly advised to keep receipts safe as proof of payment. Receipts will be issued to students for cash payments only.

Please note: Cash payments can only be taken if the full years’ fees are to be paid in September. If you would like to pay in instalments, please choose from the options below:

  1. STANDING ORDER – Monthly or Weekly

Parents who wish to pay in instalments to help manage their finances can do so by setting up a standing order with their bank directly to the school account. The amount will depend on which payment frequency you choose:

Option 1: Monthly (£215 x 10 payments)

Please send the first payment on the 5th of September 2022 and subsequent monthly payments on the 5th of every month until the 5th of June 2023.

Option 2: Weekly (£50 x 43 payments)

Please send the first payment of £50 on the 5th of September 2022 and subsequent weekly payments of £50 to continue every Monday until 26th June 2023.

Parents who may have overpaid can deduct the overpayment from the first payment(s) and continue with the monthly/weekly amount as set out above – See overleaf for full list of dates.

Please make all bank transfers for fees to:

Account Name                           Eternal Light Project

Account No.                                63691196

Sort Code                                     05-03-38

Reference                                    Student ID and name (Student ID will be in your child’s planner).

Monthly Fees Schedule

5th Sep 2022£215.00
5th Oct 2022£215.00
5th Nov 2022£215.00
5th Dec 2022£215.00
5th Jan 2023£215.00
5th Feb 2023£215.00
5th Mar 2023£215.00
5th Apr 2023£215.00
5th May 2023£215.00
5th Jun 2023£215.00
Any overpayment of fees from last year should be deducted from the first payment(s) of this academic year.