Step 4 Interview

Applicants who are selected for the next step will be invited to attend an interview, which will include an oral assessment on your child’s competence in their Islamic studies. (Quran recitation, surah, duaas, kalimah etc). Students who are applying for a place in the Hifz class will be assessed on their Hifz.

What are the requirements for Hifz?

Pupils can apply for Hifz-ul-Quran if they have at least one full years’ experience of being in Hifz class and have completed at least three Juz (para) of the Quran. If your child is already Hafiz then please mention this at the office upon arrival.

Applicants will be given a short test on the day where the focus will be on memorisation and tajweed. If applicants pass the test they will be offered a place in Hifz Class, if they are unsuccessful or if they do not meet the criteria set out above, they will be offered a place in the Alim course.

Please make it clear on the application if you wish to enrol your child for this course. Admission will depend on your childs report from his maktab and a Hifz test.