Trip To Spain

Students headed to the Andalusian coast of Spain. Here they visited many iconic locations which gave them an insight into what life was like in Muslim Spain (711-1492) and how Muslims lived side by side with people people of different cultures, religions, backgrounds and flourished in many fields working alongside one another. From medicine and mathematics to astronomy and architecture. Its no wonder the period is referred to by some as part of the Islamic Golden Age.

Students visited Granada where they got the chance to meet the locals and get an insight into life in Spain before going to see the Alhambra Palace, which was built by the Ummayads during the Islamic Renaissance . Pupils were quick to point out that Bradford has its own Alhambra Theatre which was named after this Alhambra Palace of Granada.

The famous Grand Mosque of Cordoba was also an awe-inspiring place to visit. The truly amazing architecture and attention to detail was a sight to behold.

Finally, pupils got to visit the small British island of Gibraltar,where they were greeted at the border by an airplane landing right in front of them! A short drive up the rock of Gibraltar to see the cute but mischievous monkeys was another highlight of the trip for the pupils.

Students also got the chance to relax and take part in activities such as Go-Carting, the Dolphin adventure and plenty of shopping among the markets and malls.

Overall Students had the time of theirs lives and also came back with a rich understanding of Islamic history.

The Symbolic Jabal e Tariq also known as Gibraltar. The landing place of Tariq ibn Ziyad.
Lounge Area packed with games and activities.
A Marvel of Islamic Spain, the Fortress of Alhambra .
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