Attendance & Punctuality

Punctuality and attendance are very important. Parents should support their child’s learning and progress by ensuring students arrive to school on time (8:05am).

Parents will be expected to arrange for their children to be collected from the school at home time. The school is not responsible for the students safety once they have been given leave from the school.

Reporting Absences

Any absences should be reported to the school , to the office before 8.30am. Only phonecalls are accepted, text, email or any other written form of absence reporting is not accepted. However, we urge all parents to ensure their child attends school, keeping their absences to an absolute minimum.

Efforts should be made to ensure that all medical (or other) appointments are timed to cause the least disruption to your child’s education.

The school week runs from Mon-Fri with the school day beginning at 8.05am and the lessons finish at 4.45pm. The students are then given a short break after which they start their booster revision sessions (Mutala).

Mutala will run from 5.30pm till 7.30pm, at which point the school day comes to an end. (New students, in order to help them adjust, will be allowed to go home at 4.45pm for a short period of time, if they wish. Thereafter they will be expected to complete the full day till 7.30pm).

The purpose of the Mutala is to ensure all students are in a habit of studying on a regular basis and are also able to complete any work set out for them. This is a tried and tested method of study which has a positive impact on the child’s education. It also enables students to tackle subject specific tasks, in this instance Arabic and Urdu.


Currently lunchtimes are from 12.00pm –1.00pm. Pupils can bring a packed lunch to school or food can be purchased through a local catering company. Parents are required to provide their children with a balanced and healthy packed lunch.