Attendance, Punctuality, Pick-up and Parking


Students should attend school every day. This will give them the very best chance to do well and be successful. If they are not in school, they will miss out on learning opportunities such as notes, discussions, group work and any questioning that goes on. They can NEVER copy those up.

Holidays and other unnecessary absences during school days will not be permitted. We would strongly urge parents not to plan any trips during term time. See our Holiday page for more information.

Please discuss any personal circumstances with the Headteacher. Any unauthorised absences can lead to dismissal from the school.


Punctuality and attendance are very important. Parents should support their child’s learning and progress by ensuring students arrive to school on time (8:05am).

Reporting Absences

Any absences should be reported to the school , to the office before 8.30am.

The school cannot accept text or WhatsApp messages to inform the school regarding an absence. A phone call to the school office (not the school mobile) must be made in the morning before 8:30am.

Efforts should be made to ensure that all medical (or other) appointments are timed to cause the least disruption to your child’s education.

School Finish Times
Students leave for the day after the Mutala session at 7:00pm Monday to Thursday and at 6:15pm on a Friday. The last day before each holiday, Mutala will not take place and students will leave at 4:45pm.
Parents will be expected to arrange for their children to be collected from the school at home time. The school is not responsible for the student’s safety once they have been given leave from the school.

Pick-up and Parking Around the School

To help ease congestion around the school, and to avoid disrupting our neighbours who have very patiently over the years tolerated the traffic coming into their street, we kindly request ALL parents to avoid bringing their vehicles onto Christopher Terrace, Christopher Street and outside the school gates during the busy pick-up times (4:45pm & 7:00pm).
Secondary school students should be able to walk to a local pickup point around the school area.

Please fix a pick-up point with your child at a safe walking distance around the school.

A suggestion of pick-up points can be seen on the map below:
A) Southfield Lane (accessible via a short walk through the church yard)
B) Thornton Lane (short walk-through Christopher Terrace)
C) Little Horton Lane, next to or opposite the shops, limited spaces
D) Canterbury Avenue, many spaces
E) Masjid car park opposite front of school, 15+ spaces: Masjid Farooqia, 28 Gondal Court, Canterbury. Satnav BD59JW