Ethos of Eternal Light

Living in multicultural Britain, we, as the inhabitants of this country are very fortunate to have been born and bred in such a rich and vibrant world. We experience and incorporate many of the benefits this country has to offer in our daily lives. Having said that, we as Muslims should ensure that we take tentative steps to safeguard our unique identity and beliefs and be able to utilise our strengths to help enrich our lives and guarantee our success in the future.

Through the unique combination of both knowledge and experience, individuals that make this effort will be in a much better position to make a positive contribution to society and make informed choices.

This is why we believe Eternal Light Secondary School and institutions of this nature are the solution. The school was established with all this in mind and is described beautifully in our ethos:

To enable Muslim children to fulfill their obligation towards their Creator, parents and the society they live in making them good law-abiding citizens, who we hope will become positive role models and actively contribute to the wider community.

Eternal Light offers a high standard of education in an Islamic environment thus sowing the seeds for paradise. The knowledge your children will gain will help them to reap the benefits and also protect them. The Islamic environment will also work in preserving their identity and culture.