Islamic Character, Morals and Discipline

The Prophet (saw) said, ―From amongst the best gifts a father gives his son, none is better than excellent etiquettes and elegant manners.

Bearing this teaching in mind we expect parents to help in the character building of their children. We will be very particular about how our children conduct themselves in school. Parents must note the school will endorse or prohibit anything that Islam endorses or prohibits.

Academic Performance

Pupils are assessed regularly throughout each academic year and results are recorded and shared with parents to help monitor progress and plan intervention wherever possible.

The school will take part in public examinations and forward the results to the parents of pupils and prospective pupils. It will also issue annual reports to parents informing them of their results at the end of each academic year.


Man was created to serve his Lord and thus, the Prophet (saw) ordered the believers to teach Salah to the children at the age of seven so they are able to fulfil their purpose in life. In conjunction with this, all children will be expected to observe Salah at school and at home.

Behaviour, Discipline and Exclusion

Eternal Light has an effective behaviour policy in place. Any bad behaviour, rudeness, disrespect to staff and pupils or damage to school property will be treated very seriously. Whereas severe breach of the behaviour policy is committed by a child then they may be liable for exclusion.