Basic Requirements for School

Please help prepare your child for the school day by ensuring he has:

The correct school uniform:

  • plain white jubba and izaar OR plain white shalwar kamees (no tracksuit bottoms)
  • white topi & clean socks
  • Navy-blue fleece with school logo (available from the office)
  • white or black amamah (highly recommended and encouraged)
  • a plain white t-shirt can be worn under the kamees. The t-shirt shouldn’t be visible over the kamees

The correct PE uniform:

  • navy blue/black tracksuit bottoms
  • white t-shirt or polo shirt (No replica football shirts)
  • navy blue/black tracksuit top
  • sensible trainers and clean socks

The correct stationery and equipment:

  • a school bag large enough to carry all books, stationery and lunchbox
  • two black ball point pens (no cartridge/fountain pens/permanent markers/red pens)
  • pencil, rubber, plastic ruler, sharpener, pair of compasses, protractor, scientific calculator
  • dictionary and thesaurus (for home use)
  • Hifz students should have their own copy of a Quran (plain, no tajweed rules)
  • Quran sharif cover or any other protective material for storing of kitabs in school bags

The school uniform also includes that your child:

  • refrains from any hairstyles and fashion that are contrary to sunnah (uneven hair):
  • refrains from trimming, shaving or cutting ANY part of the beard

Please ensure your child does not bring any of the following to school:

  • Mobile phones (please see additional notes below)
  • Smart watches or any audio/video/image capturing device
  • mp3 players / iPods / radios or any other electronic device
  • fizzy drinks / sports drinks, chewing gum or sweets
  • more than one chocolate or one packet of crisps a day
  • novelty toys / lasers / gadgets
  • Geek bars/ Vape pens or any related products*
  • aerosol sprays and deodorants
  • chains, rings, earrings, and any other jewellery
  • tipp-ex / Glue sticks or any other forms of glue
  • ANY item to sell on or near school premises
  • unnecessary items or valuables (including more than £5 in cash)
  • avoid expensive clothing, coats, shoes and valuables
  • any personal belongings left in the school will be placed in the lost property box. If left unclaimed after a week, they will be handed to charity.

 If sending money/fees to the office, please ensure:

  • It is sent in a sealed envelope with pupil name and ID written clearly.
  • Please obtain receipts for any payment and keep safe.
  • The money to the admin office upon arrival, the school cannot take responsibility for money which has been lost/misplaced.

 *Buying, selling, handling, using such items in school, to & from school or near school property can lead to exclusion

 Mobile Phones

  • Pupils have full access to the school telephone to ring parents after school if they require to clarify pickup arrangements.
  • This negates the need for pupils to bring mobile phones into school at all.
  • However, if parents still wish for their child to bring a phone for after school contact, pupils can bring it in as long as:
    • The phone is a simple non-smart phone
    • The phone is handed into the office upon arrival.
    • The phone is kept in a protective case, labelled, to avoid damage and so that they are easily distinguishable from other phones.
  • Parents and pupils should understand that the school is not liable for any damage if above steps are not adhered to.
  • Students are also not allowed to bring any type of device which can record audio, video or capture images.

Any unauthorised items brought to school will be confiscated for a full term and returned after a meeting is held with parents.

Please help us to help keep your child focused by ensuring he follows all school rules.