Step 5 Parent Meeting & Agreement

Parent Meeting

After all the information gathered from Entry Assessments and interviews are collated, parents will receive an email from the school to attend a meeting with members of the school leadership team (both parents should attend).

Information about the school and its expectations will be shared at this meeting included an opportunity to ask any questions.


If all parties are happy with the information presented, parents will be handed a copy of the schools ‘Terms of Agreement’.

Parents, along with their child should then make a collective decision if they would like to accept the place offered. Once the school receives a signed copy of the agreement, the child’s place is then confirmed.

Shall I consider Eternal Light School to be my only choice of school?

No. As well as having made an application at Eternal Light, parents are advised to pursue normal avenues in applying for a school through the local authority or other independent school. This is in case the applicant is not successful in obtaining a place at Eternal Light.