At Eternal Light Secondary School the children’s school uniform reflects their attitude to learning. The simple yet elegant uniform complies with the Islamic dress code, which the pupils are encouraged to adhere to. Each child will be expected to wear the full school uniform.

Daily Uniform – Year 7 to 11

  • White Jubba & Izaar / Salwar kameez
  • White hat
  • Plain navy blue V-neck jumper (No logos)

PE Kit

  • Navy blue or black tracksuit bottoms
  • Matching navy blue or black tracksuit top
  • White sweatshirt / T-shirt, woolly hat & gloves

Daily Uniform – Post 16

  • Any colour Jubba / Salwar Kameez (square cut only – not rounded)
  • Length of kameez must be below knees
  • White Topi (no woolly hats)
  • Amamah
  • Plain Jumper (optional) – No large logos, hoodies etc.