Pupil Code


At Eternal Light Secondary School, the children’s school uniform reflects their attitude to learning. The simple yet elegant uniform complies with the Islamic dress code, which the pupils are encouraged to adhere to. Each child will be expected to wear the full school uniform.

Daily Uniform

  • White Jubba & Izaar / Shalwar kameez
  • White hat (Black or white amamah optional)
  • Plain navy blue v-neck jumper

P.E. Uniform

  • Navy blue or black tracksuit bottoms
  • Matching navy blue or black tracksuit top
  • Plain white sweatshirt / plain t-shirt
  • Trainers

Illness and Accidents

If you feel unwell or have an accident you must tell a teacher straight away. Normally you will be sent to the School Office where a trained first aider will take care of you. If you are too ill to remain at school or if hospital treatment is necessary, then your parents will be contacted to make suitable arrangements.

Under no circumstances should you leave the school or go home without permission.


If you need to take medicine at school parents will need to fill our online Medical Consent Form. Your medicine must be left with the school office. The only exception is if you have an inhaler for asthma. Those with severe asthma should keep a spare labelled asthma pump in the office.


Every student is expected to have the following items of equipment for every lesson:

  • two black or blue ball point pens
  • pencil, pencil sharpener, pencil eraser
  • 30cm/12” ruler, sharpener
  • pair of compasses, protractor, scientific calculator
  • dictionary and thesaurus (for home use)

School text books, exercise books and Alim class books will be issued from the school.

Hifz students will be required to bring their own copy of the Holy Quran (13 line print). The Quran and any other Islamic kitabs which are given should be kept in a gilaaf (protective cloth) so that they stay in pristine condition.

Unnecessary items or valuables such as mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players, CD’s, computer games, IPods, radios etc. should not be brought to school at all for using, selling, swapping etc.

BULLYING – Zero tolerance

It is never acceptable to bully someone. It is not how a Muslim deals with another person. If you are making someone feel uncomfortable or unhappy then you should change your behaviour. Everyone has a right to feel safe and happy in our School.

If you suspect someone is being bullied, come and talk to your form tutor, subject teachers, senior students, Student Council, CPO (Child Protection Officer – Moulana Hassan), CWO (Child Welfare Officer – Moulana Abdur Raqeeb), the Deputy Headteacher (Moulana Faruk) or the Headteacher (Moulana Yusuf) in confidence.

Student Council

A group of students will be given the responsibility of forming the Student Council. These students will be expected to carry out certain duties on behalf of the school and fellow students.

The Student Council will take on board any worries, concerns or suggestions that students may have. They will in turn forward this information to the school management.


Children will be given homework and expected to return it on time completed. In order to assist in the children’s academic education, parental contribution is essential.