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Home Learning Awards

The following students from Year 7 to Year 10 are recognised for their hard work during the lockdown period.

Many thanks to them and especially their parents who supported the children with their learning. May Allah swt reward you all and grant barakah in your knowledge.

The following students have scored good grades during the lockdown period in two out of three core subjects. Well done!

  • Abdul Qadir Ahmed
  • Khizar Ahmad Bashir
  • Younus Islam
  • Hasan Ali Khan
  • Umar Sajjad
  • Muhammad Ilyas Patel
  • Ibradullah Rathore
  • Ryaan Soofi
  • Adam Yusuf Ali
  • Muhammad Collector
  • Mohammed Sayful Islam
  • Mohammad Yousha Khan
  • Muhammad Abu Bakr Khan
  • Abu Hurairah Pandor
  • Mohammad Anjasha Ali
  • Saad Farooq
  • Ali Hussain
  • Abdurrahmaan Hayaat Khan
  • Muhammad Mayat
  • Yusuf Patel
  • Abu Bakr Saddique

If you haven’t been included this time, don’t worry, we’re sure next term we’ll have many more students!

Eternal Light Fundraiser Awards

As you may be aware, the school is in need of urgent repair, overdue modernisation and extension.

Plans have been submitted and approved for the above and we aim to start the building work soon. The estimated cost of the work is approximately £300,000.

We have broken down the funding into 300 “Gold Bricks” valued at £1000 each.  We are proposing that each student tries raises one GOLD brick WITH the help of family and friends.  All the money does not have to be raised in one go.  It can be collected over a period of time. 


The following students, staff and well-wishers have already handed in their £1000. May Allah reward them and their family and friends for their efforts and make this an additional source of sadaqah jaariya for them all! Ameen.

  1. Anon 6th form student
  2. Anon school subject teacher
  3. Muhammad Anjasha Ali
  4. Umar Farooq Patel
  5. Muhammad Collector
  6. Ustaadji Yassar
  7. Ustaadji Yassar mother
  8. Muhammad Mayat
  9. Hammad Mayat
  10. Ryaan Soofi
  11. Abu Hurairah Pandor
  12. Owais Hussain
  13. Owais Hussain’s family
  14. Rayhan Sadiq
  15. Muhammad Anjasha Ali’s family
  16. Muhammad Collector’s family
  17. Muhammad Pandor

Umar Sajjad – 1 tola gold

Dont let the lockdown stop you!

Some students have used online fundraising websites to raise their money and have found this to be an easy and quick way to reach their target. We have two brothers who reached their target of £2000 within almost 24 hours. Other students reached their target in less than 2 days.

If you would like to try this method you can do. Gofundme.com has been quite popular with students and can be found via a simple Google search. But please add the school charity number when you register and let the school know before you start.

Charity No 1158519

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