Private Candidates

Update: March 2021

Examinations Available to Private Candidates

Upon receiving guidance from JCQ regarding private candidate entry, we have had the opportunity to review our entries for summer 2021. We will now be accommodating private candidates subject to candidates meeting the information below:


Candidates can enrol for exams for this series subject to the guidance set by JCQ, which are, that candidates must provide a range of evidence to display their competence in the subject.

Evidence can be:

  1. Set, supervised and/or marked by a tutor or organisation (where there is no conflict of interest)
  2. Set, supervised and/ or marked by an educational organisation recognised by an appropriate independent authority, for example LEA, DfE, Ofsted, an awarding organisation
  3. Additional internal assessments arranged by the centre

Candidate evidence

  1. Workbook
  2. Revision/study notes
  3. Previous assessment papers such as past papers (internal or external assessments)

Centre Evidence

Our centre will need to validate the student’s performance by setting at least one other assessment under centre supervision. If there is a marked difference in performance, the student should be asked to complete further assessments in order to establish the student’s performance standard.

The final grading decision will be taken by the centre on the basis of the full range of available evidence. All assessments will take place at the centre in the presence of an invigilator. We have chosen not to do our assessments online. Candidates should bear this in mind when applying. Most assessments will take place in May. To ensure we meet social distancing guidelines, some exams may take place at any one of our educational establishments located in the Little Horton area of Bradford, BD5.

Subject Specialist Examiner

Our centre will endeavour to appoint subject specialist, independent tutors who will act as examiners and will be responsible for reviewing the evidence submitted and setting an internal assessment for the candidate to take.

The final grading decision will be taken by the centre on the basis of the full range of available evidence.

We currently have tutors ready for the following most popular subjects:

  • GCSE English, GCSE Maths, GCSE Science, GCSE Religious Studies

We are continuing to broaden this list to include more subjects. If the exam you wish to take is not among those listed above, please contact the centre and we will let you know if we can arrange additional subject specialist, independent tutors.

Costs, refunds & deadlines

The costs for taking exams at our school are split into the following 3 areas:

  • Subject entry cost – Prices can be found on the exam boards’ website. This is the cost that the school is charged by the appropriate exam board for each subject entry
  • Invigilation – invigilation (supervision) is charged at £15 per hour, per candidate
  • Administration charge – this is a one-off, non-refundable charge of £100 per subject

All costs would need to be paid once confirmation has been sent to the candidate before the school will process the subject entries.

The additional costs the centre will incur from hiring tutors to analyse evidence and to set and mark assessment papers will be covered by the private candidate support grant issued by the government.

In the event that after making an entry you then request a withdrawal; the centre will only refund subject entry fees if the centre receives a full refund from the examination board. Any subject entry withdrawal request must be discussed with the examination officer first. Candidates may receive 50% of the admin fee back depending on when cancellation notice is received.

Entries for summer 2021 exams series must be submitted by 9th April.

Completing the Booking Form

You must ensure that all information on the booking form is complete and correct, as it will represent your instructions to us for your examination series. Please also ensure you enter all exam codes and tier (Foundation or Higher) where applicable. Exam entry codes can be found on the relevant exam board website.

If you have sat external exams before then you must provide your UCI number. If you are unsure of your UCI number please contact your previous school’s Exams Officer.

Pre-Examination Appointment

To satisfy JCQ regulations it is important that we meet you before you sit the examinations at the school. At this appointment we will require a form of photographic ID for the candidate and your payment, if you have chosen to pay cash (please ensure the meeting is before payment deadline). This appointment is also an opportunity for you to see the venue where you will sit your examinations and to ask any questions you may have.

Edit: Due to coronavirus restrictions, we may not be able to meet you inside the building, depending on the day chosen. The ID process should only take a few minutes and may take place outside the school gates. Please ring the school to inform us of your arrival. By appointment only.

Access arrangements

If you have access arrangements for examinations in the past and wish to continue with these whilst sitting examinations at the school, we will require you to contact your previous school’s Exams Officer to arrange for the relevant evidence to be sent to the school at the email address provided above. Only on receipt of this information will we be able to process an application for the relevant access arrangement.

Please note that for certain access arrangements where additional staffing is required, an additional fee may be charged. The school will accommodate the candidate only, any accompanying individuals will not be able to wait on site.

On the Day of the Exam

Examinations start times will be agreed upon with the candidate via email. The location of the exam maybe amended at a sister site due to ongoing coronavirus restrictions. You will be informed of this amendment in advance. Candidates must arrive at the centre at least 15 minutes prior to the examination start time and ring the office of your arrival. Please bring along your photo ID again with you as failure to do so may prevent you from sitting the exam.

The centre will contact you if there are to be any changes to the start times. Please note as we are a faith school, staff and students alike are asked to adopt a modest dress code. We would appreciate if private candidates can bear this in mind and adopt a similar modest dress code.


Private Candidates will be sent the results on results day which is on

  • 10th August for A-Level candidates
  • 12th August for GCSE candidates

All results will be sent to candidates via post.

Personal Information

Candidates must check the correct spelling of their name and all personal information prior to applying and upon receipt of their Statement of Entry. The school will not be held accountable for errors made on the form by candidates.

Upon confirmation of entry, candidates will be required to provide next of kin contact details in case of emergency (on the day of the exam).

Questions or Problems?

If you have any queries or would like to discuss things please contact the office.

Venue of centre:           Any one of our educational establishments based off Little Horton Lane, Bradford, BD5

Tel:                    01274 501597

Any further queries please email

We are registered with AQA, OCR and Pearson (Edexcel) examination boards.