Admission Procedure

Families interested in enrolling their child should do so using the application form on our website, which must be filled in and submitted by the end of November (of the year when your child is in Year 6). Late applicants will be placed on the waiting list and may not be considered.

Candidates wishing to apply for entry in other years (year 8 & 9) can submit the application form and will then be contacted if the school has a space.

The Admission process consists of several steps, which have been explained on the following links. Please read each step carefully so you are aware of the whole process:

Step 1 Application Form

Step 2 Document submission

Step 3 Entry Assessment

Step 4 Interview

Step 5 Parent Meeting & Agreement

EAL (English as an Additional Language)

EAL refers to pupils who speak another language other than English at home.  We help supplement and support the learning needs of these pupils so they are able to exploit their full potential. This is something that is carried out throughout a students schooling at Eternal Light.